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Spontaneous Abstract 2.0  Incorporating Organic Abstract Techniques with a Purpose
with David Jarvinen
August 11th & 12th
10a-5p Saturday and Sunday

In this colorful and creative two day workshop come learn & understand how to fill in spaces with movement and flow using mixed media abstract design and relating it back to the subject of the mosaic.
Bringing your abstract techniques to the next level, David Jarvinen will take his years of mosaic knowledge and experience and guide you on creating your own organic abstract mosaic. These techniques, once learned, can be repeated with a variety of shapes.
This workshop usually has been presented in a rectangle or square design- while this is an excellent way to understand the concept of movement & flow, as well as  introduce you to the techniques, it may leave you asking…but now what?!?…Or, how can I apply this to my art?..
This is exactly why we developed this workshop; To facilitate the understanding of skillfully integrating spontaneous techniques and relating them to realistic shapes in abstract designs.

 In this workshop choose either a Hummingbird or Cowboy Boot design measuring generous 12″ x 16”, complete with hanging hardware. Explore embedded techniques and andamento lessons. Work with wire, beads, findings & smalti as well as other unique tesserae. Always a materials fun fest!
Fee $295.00 + $45.00 materials

Organic Abstract 2.0 David Jarvinen


Hummingbird Organic Abstract 2.0 David Jarvinen







Sparkling Jewel Mosaic Mirrors with Angie Heinrich
September 8th & 9th Saturday and Sunday
9:30p-5p Saturday and 10a-2p Sunday

Spend a weekend with Angie Heinrich for this mosaic mirror class and walk away with a beautiful finished sparkling jewel to hang on your wall.

You will learn the fundamentals of the “direct method” as we work intensively with beads and tile to create a textural jewel of soothing symmetry. Angie passes on the techniques she has honed over the past 16 years and through the thousands of pieces she has created using beads and glass tiles. All materials provided, including lots and lots of beads.  Come to learn; come for the pure joy of creating!

You will not believe the gorgeous mosaics even first time artists are able to create under Angie’s warm and careful guidance. Beautiful mosaics and the happy creators that Angie has inspired over the years can be seen here:

Topics Include:

  • How to choose beads and where to buy them
  • The best adhesives to use for beads 
  • How to apply beads the magical way!
  • How to use beads and tile together to create an intricate look and feel
  • Tips and tricks on keeping all rows straight and even
  • Basic cutting techniques
  • Learn how to grout a highly textured mosaic
  • Basic design and color considerations
  • How to install mirror glass 
  • Do you know the Lark’s Head knot for hanging wire?  You will after this class!

Fee $275.00 + materials based on mirror size and choice.

Mirror choice Fee:
19″ round: $65
24″ round: $95
30″ round: $185
18″ x 22″ oval: $80
22″ x 28″ oval: $160
18″ x 27″ rectangle: $120
24″ x  28″ rectangle: $185
22×26 leaf: $150
Detail mirror by Angie Heinrich

Detail mirror by Angie Heinrich

Green tea mirror by Angie Heinrich

Green tea mirror by Angie Heinrich

Sangria mirror by Angie Heinrich

Sangria mirror by Angie Heinrich

Mind the Gap with Kelley Knickerbocker
September 22nd & 23rd Saturday and Sunday
10a-5p both days


In her latest workshop Kelley Knickerbocker is teaching how to challenge the artist and their approach in learning how to create a mosaic while leaving space on the substrate.  This can be a very powerful and creative technique and no one better to teach it than Kelley herself.
There are many approaches to incorporating open space into mosaic design. Through slides, demos, and discussion, this workshop introduces you to at least six of them.
For hands-on practice, students will choose an approach and execute a 12” x 9” space-centric mosaic.
When mosaics were the functional skins on walls and floors, mosaic was a cover-the-whole-substrate affair. But with today’s mortar and grout technologies we can leave spaces for artistic effect without compromising structural integrity.
It’s because mosaic is so dense that incorporating space can be so effective. Dense areas appear denser, and the void space(s) deeper, calmer. Like juxtaposing two complementary colors: they enliven each other like no other combination can.
Fee $350.00 + $25.00 materials

Mind the Gap by Kelley Knickerbocker

Mind the Gap by Kelley Knickerbocker


Tempered Glass Mosaics with Carol Shelkin
One Day
October 5th  10a-5p Friday

In this creative and fun workshop Carol Shelkin sets the stage for how to create a mosaic using “crash” glass.  This easily obtained glass is used to create a cracked look for a mosaic, and students will learn how to create a whole different look under the tempered glass. 
Carol will walk students through the process of choosing which types of substrates are best for the process, what adhesives should be used, what kinds of materials can be used to create a mixed media look and lastly how to properly break and use the tempered glass.  
Students will work on a 10″x 10″ substrate using materials that both the student and Carol will bring.  Students will be able to complete the mosaic portion of this workshop, observe a tinted grouting demonstration which can be completed at home on their own.

Not only will students learn this process, but because Carol comes with over 30 years of experience as an art teacher students will also learn how to use many art elements that can be transferred into other art forms. Having the basics of composition, color, balance and many others, students will walk away knowing how to create a unique and very creative achievable project.
Fee $195.00 + $25.00 materials 

Tempered Glass by Carol Shelkin

Tempered Glass by Carol Shelkin






Color Theory and Impressionism in Mosaic Art using Stained Glass with Carol Shelkin
October 6th & 7th Saturday and Sunday
10a-5p both days

Understanding color and light while working in an impressionistic / realistic mosaic technique is one of Carol’s latest workshops.

While learning this mosaic technique, you’ll create works in a style similar to Monet and achieve a more painterly impressionistic approach with your mosaic making. We will also explore color theory and the color wheel which will be used to in our mosaic design and composition. This workshop will help students go beyond the basic color wheel and deepen your artistic color perception. Discover how to fully utilize hues, tints, tones, chroma, value and balance colors. Explore techniques to make colors work together to be more vibrant or subtle, bold or harmonious.

Students will begin by creating a mosaic on a 11″ x11″ board and have enough materials to take home if not finished. Upon finishing the workshop, the students will be ready to begin making educated and successful mosaic art. No questions will go unanswered…so bring questions!
Fee $395.00

Color Theory with Carol Shelkin

Color Theory with Carol Shelkin







 Flower Mosaic Workshop with Yulia Hanansen
October 20th & 21st Saturday and Sunday
October 22nd & 23rd Monday 
and Tuesday!


We are excited to have Yulia Hanansen here for the first time teaching her very popular flower mosaic workshop.  In this two day intensive workshop, students will learn how to translate flowers from photos or paintings into realistic and powerful mosaic statements.  Students will work on exploring; flower structure, choosing a color palette, andamento, effectively portraying flower details, composition, layout, visual relationship between and object and a background, and technical aspects of working with stained glass tesserae.  For tessera shape students will be using Yulia’s signature “brushstroke” cut that you will learn to nip during the workshop.  Students will work on a 10″x 12″ substrate, using stained glass and a PVA adhesive.  A presentation and hands-on demonstration will be given at the start of the workshop followed by individual practice and copious amounts of individual instructions.
Images will be provided or you can bring your own based on prior approval by Yulia.  All skill levels are welcome.
Fee $395.00 + $50.00 materials fee


Flower Mosaic by Yulia Hanansen

Flower Mosaic by Yulia Hanansen