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Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art
Todos Santos, Mexico!
APRIL 8TH-14TH OR 15TH-21ST, 2018!

Lessons in Andamento, Tessellation (Drawing) and Color Gradation with Anabella Wewer
December 2nd & 3rd (with additional day Dec. 4th for Lessons in Color Gradation.)
10a-5p each day

Andamento [from the Italian andare]: The act, or way to go, to move. The way to conduct yourself, to advance, to proceed.
Applied to mosaics, andamento is the flow or direction of the lines; the shape and path of the tesserae to create a composition.

Through a series of discussions, exercises and hands-on practice, students will learn classical andamento and how to apply classical rules to modern mosaics. We will draw sbsma anabella (What if...) UnBleached Detail 4 sbsma anabella drawingsandamento as a way to better understand it, and discuss the many ways in which variations in our andamento can work to tell stories and create narratives. As we move on to cutting material to execute exercises that will reinforce what we have
learned, we will touch on color theory and discuss subtle and bold ways to use materials and colors to create mosaics reflective of your personal style. An optional one-day workshop,  Monday Dec. 4th, will focus more deeply on color, color gradations, selecting materials and the mixing of color in modern compositions.

Although Anabella encourages the use of hammer and hardie, and will be demonstrating proper technique during the course, students are welcome to use nippers throughout the workshop.
Fee $375.00 +$100 (3rd day) + materials $75.00

Beginner Mosaic Art one day workshop
with Tami Macala
December 17th Sunday 10a-4p

In this fun and creative one day workshop, come learn to create mosaic art!  Whether this is your first time or you just want to dive into creating a piece in one day this workshop is for you!
Starting with a 12″x12″ board intended for interior display only, Tami will walk each student through all the steps to create a pique assiette style mosaic.  This means working with china, crockery and other broken and sentimental found objects.   Please feel free to bring your grandma’s china or any other broken ready to discard plates, mugs or other beginner workshop pixceramicish items that you have saved for an opportunity like this!   Tami teaches with over 15 years of experience on what proper tools, adhesives and substrates to work with.  She will share all her tips, tricks and techniques for creating a successful mosaic piece.  Tami includes an optional 4″x4″ mirror for this piece if you would like to make it a functional piece of mosaic art to hang on your wall or give as a gift during the holiday season!  No experience necessary, just a creative spirit!
Fee $250.00

Intro to Mexican Smalti Mosaics with Tami Macala
January 13th & 14th
Saturday and Sunday 10a-4p both days

In this two day workshop explore the exciting and vibrant tesserae of Mexican smalti.  Tami walks students through this wonderful material as she shares the best way to cut, lay and adhere.  Working on a custom made 10″x10″” substrate students will learn about different styles of andamento.  How to break the line and achieve an exciting and artistic

Mexican blanket part 2 by Tami Macala

Mexican blanket part 2 by Tami Macala

look with an abstract style of placing the tesserae.  Using thin-set mortar tinted to create the space that allows the tesserae to be gently placed and embedded for a more reflective look. 
Students will leave with more confidence on how to work with Mexican smalti and how to use it in future projects.
Fee $295.00 (includes materials to cover substrate)

  Walk the Line with Rachel Sager
January 19th-21st, 2018
Friday -Sunday 10a-5p

 In this uniquely-formatted workshop you will explore the philosophies of andamento—our basic language as mosaicists. There can be as many expressions of these pathways as there are artists who work in them. Join Rachel as she asks questions beyond the traditional definitions of what is correct or classical.  Explore not just the finer points of the rules and when it makes sense to break them, but more theoretical observations of andamento as a communication tool.  Share in Rachel’s theories on choice, free will, and andamento as an allegory of Life. Discuss sbsma rachel sager walk the line samplethings like intention, cutting, and looking to nature for understanding and, in the process, learn valuable methods to craft more sensitive lines.  This workshop is broken into two parts: talking and doing. The first evening session is purposely hands-off to enable you to relax and soak up ideas and images without the pressure of creating.

In this three full days or workshop,  you will be led through a precise series of exercises revolving around the ideas of size, space, texture, material and angle. This class is unique in that it disentangles the brain from being distracted by composition and design, and lets you focus on the line in its purest form. As mosaic artists, andamento is our most basic language and form of expression. Rachel will lead you through a dynamic breakdown of how to build lines with personality, how to build lines that communicate ideas—in short—how to build lines that can stand on their own.                                                                                                 

This class would benefit all levels, particularly those looking to refine their voice or expand their appreciation of andamento as an instrument of communication. Special note: This is an actively evolving workshop. If you have taken a form of it in the past, be assured that Rachel will be throwing new challenges at you and exploring new avenues in the miracle of line-building.

Materials provided: piles of raw material in the forms of sandstone, marble, and glass for those who wish to spend time in cutting specific shapes.
To avoid the distraction of bling and too many choices, a simple palate of Rachel’s Pennsylvania sandstone will be provided as your anchoring material.  Sandstone is the perfect learning stone for those new to the hammer and hardie. Understand that as a student of andamento, your relationship to your hammer and hardie will be a key element to success. Instructor will also supply two specifically shaped substrates, high-quality thin-set mortar, mixing tools, and palette knives.
Fee $425.00 + $65.00 materials

 Decorative Mosaic Gourd or Bowl workshop with
Donna Van Hooser
February 10th & 11th, 2018
10a-5p Saturday and Sunday

In this workshop, Donna will teach how to use a variety of materials and adhesives to donna van hooser2 gourd workshopmosaic either a small natural gourd or small wooden bowl.  The focus of the class will be how to translate two dimensional mosaic techniques to a three dimensional surface in a donna van hooser gourd for workshopdecorative manner. A gourd or bowl will be provided, as well as a wide assortment of beads, Wasser glass, and other interesting bits.  This workshop all materials are provided and it is not intended to have to finish during the workshop.  

Students are welcome and encouraged to bring any special materials you may want to use in addition to what is provided.
The gourd sizes will be approx. 5-6 inches in diameter, and the bowls are approx. 6 inchesdonna van hooser4 bowl workshop in diameter.
Fee $350.00 (Includes materials)

 Kickassiette: Blowing the Lid Off of Crockery Mosaic
with Kelley Knickerbocker  

February 24th & 25th  
Saturday and Sunday 10a-5p both days

Picassiette* is the process of transforming crockery and found objects into mosaic. What makes crockery so tempting and ideal for mosaic is not only its availability, ease of cutting, and varied glazes, but its unique curvatures, bumps and protrusions that translate to gorgeous dimensionality in tesserae.

In this technique-rich, hands-on workshop, Kelley ramps pique assiette up an innovative notch with her unusual methods of cutting/setting not only the flat surfaces of plates and other ceramic ware, but the lips, feet, rims, handles, lids, spouts, and more, including the exposing/tinting of the inner clay body. Students will learn cutting tools and techniques; kelley knickerbocker kickassiettesetting in mortar to maximize sculptural/dimensional possibilities; building a cohesive color/material palette, and composing with crockery’s challenging curves and bumps.

Students will have the opportunity to create a sample board and at least one mosaic in class.

*Thought to be derived from the French slang “pique” (to steal) + “assiette” (plate).
Fee $350.00 + $25 materials fee