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Spiky, Pokey, Shardy: Shag Rug Mosaic with Margo Anton
May 18th & 19th, 2024
10a-5p both days
Fee $345.00 (includes materials)

Non-traditional use of smalti is all the rage! Learn how to create a fun, colorful smalti “shag”  mosaic in this hands-on, two-day workshop. The first day begins with a comprehensive lecture and slide show on the “whys and wherefores” of smalti, followed by an examination of suitable bases, adhesives, and design possibilities for this technique. The cutting of the matchstick-sized “shags”, a process that requires some finesse and precision, will be demonstrated and practiced.  

Shag rug mosaic has its own laying style and andamento technique that is both fascinating and complex. Margo will show you how to navigate the various decisions required for each section and piece. Expect lots of great tips on how to both create your piece and make it even more interesting. Class participants will receive individual attention as they work on a 6”x6”  shag rug-style mosaic in smalti. Those students who do not finish will leave with materials to complete their project. A course outline will be provided, and students will depart with the skills to make creative shag rug-style mosaics on their own. This course will particularly benefit students of all levels who want to try working with small tiles, learning to cut more precisely, or exploring a crazy, unusual, spiky type of mosaic.  

We are hosting two workshops with Arianna Gallo back to back. What better way than to dive into seven days of learning from one of the most sought-after mosaic artists teaching today without traveling to Italy? We are offering a $100.00 discount if you register for both workshops.

The DIRECT RAVENNA METHOD with Arianna Gallo
July 22nd-25th (4 days 9:30a-5p)
Fee: $925.00 (includes 10″x10″ frame and 2 lbs of smalti)

In this 4-day workshop, you will be taught by one of the leading artists working today in the Direct Ravenna Method. Arianna Gallo was born and raised in Ravenna, Italy. Now, she and her husband, renowned artist Luca Barberini, are raising their children and running their well-known mosaic studio, KoKo Mosaico, in this ancient city full of mosaic art dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries.

In this workshop, Arianna will be teaching how to create a mosaic that is not permanent until the piece is completed. This is a great way to learn how to make a mosaic without worrying about mistakes or mishaps. 

Arianna will have a collection of designs to choose from that are suitable for every level of artist. You will create your mosaic into a custom-made 10″x 10″ frame. The design and size of the frame will make this an achievable project to complete in 4 days. 

Arianna will start this workshop with an in-depth PowerPoint presentation about the history of mosaic art and how she creates it using the Direct Ravenna Method.

In this workshop, Arianna will be teaching:

  • How to choose the best design
  • How to apply the clay into the frame
  • How to trace the design, both positive and negative
  • How to choose the best palette of smalti and/or marble for your project
  • How to cut the materials with a hammer and hardie and wheeled nippers
  • Andamento techniques 
  • How to apply the gauze and glue 
  • How to clean off the clay
  • How to finish off your mosaic for display

By the end of this workshop you will have the skills to continue working in this technique. We will share all the resources for this workshop at the end.


with Arianna Gallo
July 27th, 28th & 29th (Saturday-Monday)
Fee: $675.00 (includes 10″x10″ frame and 2 lbs smalti)

This course is suitable for any level of artist.

This 3-day workshop is your chance to learn Arianna Galllo’s signature technique of creating a mosaic while using metal ribbon to create a focal point and pouring tinted cement into the figure. She will teach you how to translate drawings, pictures, or paintings into this contemporary mosaic method.

Arianna will provide design options for this workshop. She will teach the Direct Technique by placing your tesserae directly into the mortar/thin set. You will have the option to mix materials (stained glass, smalti, marble, and metal ribbon) too.

In this workshop, you will make an 8” x 8” mosaic in a custom-made wooden frame. Keeping the design simple and using a smaller mosaic substrate will allow you to finish your mosaic during the workshop.

You will be able to use your favorite nippers for the workshop. There will be hammer and hardie available as well. 

This workshop will open up your mind as you integrate your creative voice with her methods.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to choose the best design
  • How to cut marble and smalti
  • How to transfer the design to the mortar/thin set
  • How to add the metal ribbon to the mortar/thin set
  • How to mosaic with basic andamento and gradation
  • How to mix and tint the self-leveling cement
  • How to pour the self-leveling cement into your design

This method is very achievable and will give you the confidence to repeat it over and over, creating your own Direct Contemporary mosaics. 

Contemporary Mosaic Method with Arianna Gallo

Contemporary Mosaic Method with Arianna Gallo