A $50.00 deposit must be paid at time of registration! You can register for a workshop by either email or call 805.703.4291

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Todos Santos Mosaic Art Retreat with Tami Macala
March 31st – April 6th, 2019
Fall dates are set and registration is open!
November 18th-23rd, 2019

Come relax on the shores of Baja Mexico and create your favorite version of mosaic art. This mosaic art retreat is open to a wide array of technique choices. You can email Tami Macala and decide what type of mosaic you would like to create. She can teach many different forms of mosaic and will lead you on a fun and creative journey. With over 20 hours of mosaic time to create, you can work on anything from Mexican smalti, to stained glass or mixed media mosaics. Most important you will spend a week, relaxing, rejuvenating and creating art while the waves crash below and warm breezes blow by! Oh and did we mention there is a personal chef to create most of your meals. This truly is the trip of a lifetime! (ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT)
Fee $1799.00 (Does NOT include airfare, materials and some meals).
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Mexican Smalti abstract by student.


View from our workshop space and hotel!



Color Freedom Pet Portrait with Donna Van Hooser
March 22nd, 23rd & 24th 10a-5p all days
Friday- Sunday

In this class we will use gray scale values rather than traditional colors to create form and expression in creating a mosaic pet portrait. Precision cutting techniques will be covered, as well as andamento, glass selection and shading.

Since this technique is more time consuming, a finished portrait is not expected at the end of the three day workshop, however the eyes and a good portion of the face can be completed, depending on the experience of each student. This workshop is intended for intermediate or advanced mosaic artists, and should not be used as an introduction to making mosaics.

Students can either work on a black and white photo provided by the instructor, or can provide a prior to the class. Photos provided by the students should be high resolution and have fairly strong contrast between values.

Donna will map out the design before the class if using a photo supplied by the student prior to the class.
All materials are provided, a variety of glass colors will be available to select from.
A phone with a camera is recommended, as we will be using this as a tool in class to see gray scale values.
Fee $450.00 (Includes all materials)

Pet Portrait in process Donna Van Hooser


Freedom Pet Portrait Donna Van Hooser


3D Sculptural Mosaic Flower Workshop with Marsha Rafter
May 31st-June 2nd
Friday& Saturday 10a-5p Sunday 10a-2p

In this action packed three day workshop, you will learn an amazing variety of skills to create a beautiful 3D sculptural flower for your garden. Marsha will be demonstrating how to use a jigsaw to cut various thicknesses of wedi board, how to prep the wedi board for outdoor use, and how to prep your piece for inserting a pole for installation. You will learn how to use sticky mesh for completing your flower design, how to cut glass, and how to add dimension to your mosaic to create a beautiful center for your flower using cut glass and glass rods. A rainbow of stained glass, glass gems and ovals, glass rods, mirror in a variety of colors and millefiori will be available for you to use. Your piece will be mosaicked on the front, back and sides and then you will learn to custom color your grout to complete the project. Once you are registered, you will receive an email from Marsha to select your choice of designs and color combinations.

*Marsha will be bringing her signature handmade ceramic tiles for you to purchase should you choose to use them. (Otherwise all other materials will be provided) There will be many other tiles available should you want to purchase more to take home. On Sunday, Marsha will be demonstrating how she creates her tiles for those who are interested. There will be a question and answer session afterward for explaining firing and glazing.

This workshop is open to students of all levels. Although some mosaic experience will be helpful, it is not necessary. Skills learned can be used and applied to future projects, both large and small-scale for indoor as well as outdoor applications.
Fee $425.00 + $75.00 materials fee

Mediterranean Sunset by Marsha Rafter


Lotus Reflections in Blue by Marsha Rafter


Yellow Flower by Marsha Rafter

3D Happy Bird Sculpture Mosaic Art workshop with David Jarvinen 
June 8th Saturday 10a-5p

David Jarvinen is returning to SBSMA for another fun and easy mosaic art workshop. This workshop is great for someone new to mosaic and can teach some great beginner skills while working on a 3D object.

David’s Happy Bird Sculpture Workshop will explore working “in the round” (3 dimensional substrates) and understanding nuances between gravity and glue, as well as design challenges to avoid like flat & static design…we want dynamic movement and interest! These types of mosaics are often considered “craft”, but as a beginner or intermediate student it is important to master certain skills that will elevate to a higher level of creating which equals ART! These little birds end up a work of art themselves as students work to understand skills related to glass tile mosaics including how to use the tools for nipping and fitting. We will discuss different adhesives to gain insight into flow techniques that create interest and movement. Many skills gained will be transferable to other types of mosaic making as well.
Fee $175.00 + $35 materials fee

David Jarvinen’s Happy Bird sample

Building a Landscape with Color and Texture with Laura Rendlen 
September 7th & 8th 
Saturday & Sunday 10a-5p

SBSMA is excited to host Laura Rendlen for her first workshop here.
This workshop is for artists who want to explore a variety of mosaic techniques to create a representational landscape utilizing different traditional materials, e.g. glass, stone, shells and metal. Beginning with a short presentation and exercises to illustrate general principles, the discussion considers perspective foreground and background and light source highlights and shadows. The beauty of this workshop is that the artist gets to surround themselves and then get to play with a variety of tesserae to complete their mosaic. The workshop emphasizes a hands-on exploration of mosaic techniques. This allows the artist to discover different textures, color combinations and ways to transition and form relationships with mixed materials. Throughout the workshop individual attention and tips are provided to help with the technical aspects of mosaics and to guide the successful completion of each project.
Students will work hands on as Laura guides and shares her knowledge of creating beautiful textured and flowing mosaics. Each student will have a 10″x12″ substrate.
Fee $375.00 + $50.00 materials

Sample piece by Laura Rendlen