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March 2011


Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art is well on it’s way to a great year!  With spring right around the corner classes are filling up and students are learning lots of new styles of mosaic.  Last month was busy filled with great workshops including the Pet Portrait as well as a trip for me to Austin for the SAMA conference.  The SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) Conference was an amazing experience while meeting incredible artists, taking great workshops and enjoying Austin, Texas.  

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Class Schedule


Beginner Mosaic                             April 9th & 10th                              $145 

Boulder Mosaic                               April 23rd & 24th                            $185 

Mother/Daughter Mosaic              April 30th/May 1st                          $115  Garden Sphere Mosaic                   May 14th & 15th                             $175 



Taj pet portrait by Tami
“Taj” Pet Portrait by Tami (instructor)

Truman Pet Portrait sitka pet portrait                                                      sharon 

“Truman” Pet Portrait by Mary                       “Sitka” Pet Portrait by Sharon 

“Biscotti” in progress by JulieJOOLES


Recent Publicity

Looking forward to a small write up in the “805 Living” magazine this April.  Keep an eye out for the Garden issue, article on Mosaic Artist Dan Chrykno with a small bit on SBSMA. 


New LAB punch card
SBSMA now has a LAB punch card.  For every 10 hours of LAB time you get the 11th hour free.  Students are loving their punch cards and getting their free hours. 

LAB time is a great way to work on all your mosaic projects.  For $20/hour you have access to all adhesives, grout, tools and my time as well as not worrying about making a mess.  


SBSMA Supply Store

 SBSMA has all your mosaic art supply needs.  There are a few new tools stocked up as well as nippers, files, adhesives and grouts.  Don’t forget if you want great colorful tiles, I have those too.


Bring a friend discount

Any time you bring a friend to a workshop you and the friend get a 10% discount on your fees and for the month of February there will be an additional 10% off all supplies and tiles at the time of your workshop.  

 Tips and Techniques   
How to choose your Tesserae

Now that you have decided on your design and substrate it is time to pick what type of “tess” (nic name) you would like to use.
The definition of Tessera (Tesserae pl) is “small square tile of stone or glass used in making a mosaic”.
These are some tess choices; ceramic tile, glass, stained glass, mirror, crockery, pottery, found/sentimental objects, stone and smalti.
Each one of these will give you a different look and texture while creating a different effect with your end result.  It is fun to experiment with each to see what you like and let your creative juices flow.  It is good to do a little research on some of these tesserae when deciding on  your mosaic.  Weather can make some of these pieces prohibitive due to frost/thaw issues as well as extreme heat.
You are always welcome to email me questions regarding these issues and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge, now let’s go MAKE ART!!!! 

Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art / tami@allcrackedupmosaics.com / Santa Barbara, California 93111 / 805.703.4291

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