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April 2011


The feeling of spring brings blooming ideas of what to make next at the Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art.  Creativity is flowing here as more and more students are executing great art and enjoying the experience.  Whether in LAB or in a workshop students are learning so much while creating beautiful, different and exciting pieces.  If you always thought you were missing that artistic bone in your body, check out some of the pictures below.  Everyone has to start somewhere and students are showing incredible artistic talent.  Kudos to all of the SBSMA students!!!  

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Class Schedule

Stained Glass Mosaic                     April  9th &  10th                         $175
Boulder Mosaic                               April 23rd & 24th                         $185
Mother/Child Mosaic                     May 1st ~Sunday only~            $115
Garden Sphere Mosaic                   May 14th & 15th                         $175 



Racha Table top

Racha’s Hibiscus Table Top (first mosaic)


Joanna Table top

Joanna’s Mexican Tile Table Top

(first mosaic project)

archie pet portraitelsa mirror laurel

“Archie” Clare started this in workshop,    “Elsa” Mirror Laurel’s LAB project.  

finished in LAB.    






Recent Publicity

Looking forward to a small write up in the “805 Living” magazine this month.  Keep an eye out for the Garden issue, article on Mosaic Artist Dan Chrykno with a small piece on SBSMA. 


 LAB punch card
SBSMA LAB punch card.  For every 10 hours of LAB time you get the 11th hour free.  Students are loving their punch cards and getting their free hours. 

LAB time is a great way to work on all your mosaic projects.  For $20/hour you have access to all adhesives, grout, tools and my time as well as not worrying about making a mess.  

SBSMA Supply Store

 SBSMA has all your mosaic art supply needs. More new colors added to the tile collection as well as stained glass. There are new tools stocked up as well as nippers, files, adhesives and grouts.   


Bring a friend discount

Any time you bring a friend to a workshop you and the friend get a 10% discount on your fees and for the month of April there will be an additional 10% off all supplies and tiles at the time of your workshop.  

 Tips and Techniques



Now that you have chosen your design, your substrate and your tessera it is time to pick your adhesive.  There are many to chose from and usually the first question you want to ask yourself is “will my piece be an outdoor or indoor piece?”  Each adhesive has qualities that make it important to really pay attention to what you are working on.   

If you are doing an indoor piece with ceramic tile or stained glass you can use tile mastic.  It is a premixed adhesive that usually comes in a white color and is the consistency of thick whipped cream cheese.  The dry time with mastic is at least 24 hours.    

Another good adhesive for indoor projects when working with stained glass is Weldbond glue.  Weldbond glue is great as it dries clear so if your stained glass is translucent than you will see whatever is behind your glass, i.e. your substrate.  There are other glues and silicone adhesives on the market, each with it’s own pro’s and con’s.  I find Weldbond the most all around good product. 

If you are doing an outdoor piece you will want to use a more sturdy adhesive which would be thin set.  Thin set is a mortar adhesive and is what most tile contractors use when doing any type of tile work in bathrooms, kitchens or floors.  Thin set is very durable.  The best kind of thin set to buy is one that is polymer fortified. This type of thin set has great bond strength and will bond most tesserae to your substrate.  

Reminder if you want to purchase any of these adhesives they are for sale at the SBSMA supply store. 


Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art / tami@allcrackedupmosaics.com / Santa Barbara, California 93111 / 805.703.4291

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