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JULY 2011     

How fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place in Santa Barbara, Ca.  The weather could not be better this time of year and being surrounded by the ocean and mountains, this is an amazing part of the world.  If ever you wanted to combine beauty with creativity this is the place to do it.  Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art is offering more workshops and LAB’s than ever.  With guest teachers, new styles of workshops and making fun and creative mosaics in LAB.  Life can become so busy and hectic it’s important to take time out to take care of ourselves, including our creative selves.  Take a minute to check out the upcoming workshops below and see what fits your schedule and meets your desire to learn mosaic art. 


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Class Schedule   

Beginner Mosaic Workshop          July  9th   & 10th                       $145
Mexican Smalti Workshop            July 15th -17th                            $195*
Boulder Mosaic Workshop            July  30th & 31st                        $185
Beginner Mosaic Workshop         Aug.   6th &  7th                         $145
Table Top Mosaic Workshop       Aug.  13th & 14th                       $175
Pet Portrait Workshop                   Aug.   20th & 21st                        $175
Collage Mirror Workshop            Aug. 27th  &   28th                      $165             

*(Sold Out but will add another with enough interest) 



karen progress

Karen’s progress  


 Lindsay boulder1

Lindsay’s progress 


Lindsay boulderkaren boulder


       Lindsay’s flowering boulder                    Karen’s address boulder 



Recent Publicity

Looking forward to a small write up in the “805 Living” magazine.  Keep an eye out for the article on Mosaic Artist Dan Chrykno with a small piece on SBSMA. 


 LAB punch card
SBSMA LAB punch card.  For every 10 hours of LAB time you get the 11th hour free.  Students are loving their punch cards and getting their free hours. 

LAB time is a great way to work on all your mosaic projects.  For $20/hour you have access to all adhesives, grout, tools and my time as well as not worrying about making a mess.  

SBSMA Supply Store

 SBSMA has all your mosaic art supply needs. More new colors added to the tile collection as well as stained glass. There are new tools stocked up as well as nippers, files, adhesives and grouts.  Just added are Leponitt brand mosaic wheel nippers for $28.95. 


Bring a friend discount

Any time you bring a friend to a workshop you and the friend get a 10% discount on your fees and for the month of June there will be an additional 10% off all supplies and tiles at the time of your workshop.  

 Tips and Techniques



Now that you are coming in on the finishing touches of your piece the grout can make or break your art work.  Many aspects of grout are important.  First and foremost is color.  Grout comes in a rainbow of colors as well as mixing different colors to make your own.  Grout also comes “sanded” or “non-sanded”.  What this means is grout that has sand in it and grout that does not.  Grout with sand is good for grout joints of 1/8″ or bigger.  If you have grout joints smaller you can use the non-sanded.  Personally I like the look and texture of sanded grout and prefer to only use that type of grout.  It is not a hard fast rule to use non-sanded with the smaller joints it is just what is suggested on the box or bag.     

I like to call grouting the “reveal”.  It is when your piece comes together with a beautiful and clean look.   

When choosing your color of grout you want to really study your piece and decide if it needs more drama or if there is enough going on with the tesserae that a lighter grout will do.  You will also want to decide if your piece will be an exterior piece, than a dark grout would be suggested due to the amount of dirt your piece may get on it.  If you are looking for the dramatic effect you will want something dark, like a charcoal grey or dark brown.  If your tesserae is busy and dark you may want to choose a light grout, like an antique white or snow white.   There are few rules in mosaic art and experimentation is extremely important.  As these are my tips and techniques that I have learned over the years and am happy to share it is important to experiment with your own pieces and styles to see what best suits you…….   


stay tuned next month for techniques on applying your grout! 



Reminder if you want to purchase many of these tools they are for sale at the SBSMA supply store. 




Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art / tami@allcrackedupmosaics.com / Santa Barbara, California 93111 / 805.703.4291

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