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August 2012 

This past weekend I taught a sold out Beginner workshop to a great group of people.  I am always so impressed with the hard work and dedication students put into their pieces and the joy they have creating mosaic art.  Whether it is a beginner piece or advanced Mexican Smalti there is something for everyone to learn and feel gratified.  Even I get the opportunity to learn from the students.  Over this weekend one of my students, a wonderfully spirited 81 year old woman named Sylvia taught me a thing or two.    Sylvia is about to have a one woman art show in her hometown of Lompoc, Ca.. She is a painter and has 25 paintings, in water colors and acrylics, about to be shown at Lompoc museum starting October 5th for one month.  To me that is astonishing but to her it is just another busy day.  I admire her and am inspired by her, to keep creating my art, sharing my knowledge and grateful to all the wonderful students that show up every week wanting to learn how to make mosaic art!
This week SBSMA will be hosting one of the best mosaic artists in
the business.  Carol Shelkin will teach her 2 1/2 day Portraiture mosaics workshop, combining color balance, shading, layout, design and glass cutting techniques.  Stay tuned for pictures and visit the Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art Facebook page for more updates.   


 “Wide-awake I can make my most fantastic dreams come true.”

~Lorentz Hart  




 Class Schedule


workshop           date/instructor      fee 

Portraiture Mosaic          Aug 7-9          Carol Shelkin  $395.00 inc. mat.

Table Top mosaic             Aug 18-19       Tami Macala  $185+ table base

Polymer Clay/Tempered Glass              Susan Crocenzi $280+$35 mat.
Glass fusing & mosaics   Sept. 15-16      Sue Baldwin     $195+$35mat.

Table Top mosaic            Oct. 27-28       Tami Macala    $185+table base 

All things mosaic             Nov. 10-11      Tami Macala     $195+$40 mat.

Mexican Smalti               Nov. 17-18       Betsy Gallery     $210+$50 mat.    








Sue Baldwin’s Glass fusing/Mosaics 


Betsy Gallery’s Mexican Smalti



Susan Crocenzi’s Polymer clay and tempered glass mosaic



 Carol Shelkin’s Portraiture Mosaics 

Sue Baldwin

Sue Baldwin has reached her 27th year at the very same middle school where she started her teaching career and she still loves it. When she is not teaching, you will find her taking art classes in lots of different art mediums. Sue is most renowned for her unique fused glass jewelry designs. After meeting Tami at the Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art they have collaborated together to create extraordinary fused glass pieces specifically designed for inclusion in mosaicart. 


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way–things I had 
no words for.”-Georgia O’Keefe

Susan Crocenzi


“Mosaic art offers the sweet possibility that the random, disparate bits-and-pieces of our lives can yield peace, beauty, and meaning.” ~Susan Crocenzi 


Susan’s work has been featured in several publications, including Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice, and Breakout by Brit Hammer, Mosaic Art Now Magazine, 2008, and the cover of textbook, Communication Mosaics by Julia Wood, 2009.  Exhibits include Mosaic Art International, 2010 (Smith Museum of Stained Glass, Chicago, IL), Mosaic Art International, 2009 (Museum of Man, San Diego), The Institute of Mosaic Art (Oakland, CA), Cutting Edges: Contemporary Mosaic Art (Portland, OR), Mowen Solinsky Gallery (Nevada City, CA), and Contemporary Mosaic Art 2009, (Ciel Gallery, Charlotte, NC). Retail representation includes Aimee Taylor Handcrafted Gallery and As If Art Studios (Grass Valley, CA). Susan is proud to have studied with the following mosaic artists: Ellen Blakeley, Laurel True, Laurel Skye, Sonia King, Sue Gianotti, and Yulia Hanensen.





Carol Shelkin  


Carol Shelkin is a mosaic artist who creates fine art pieces for galleries, homes, architectural and public settings internationally. It was made clear at a young age that Carol’s life would be centered upon her passion for creating and teaching art. Carol continued her studies at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Fleisher Art Memorial, and Philadelphia College of Art. She eventually opened an arts-nursery school/child care where she works today. Along with her school, Carol has been teaching a variety of art mediums to adults worldwide. Gathering community and making art is a special passion and she has worked with up to 600 students at one time to complete a public mosaic.


Carol, having a successful career in painting and pottery, has been accepting commissions with mosaic work as well as being invited to show her work worldwide. She has won many honors and awards including works at Ciel Gallery, N.C. with Maestro Giulio Menossi, Italy, honoring her mosaic. Her mosaic portrait, In A Village has been displayed at The Museum of Man, San Diego during Mosaic Arts International 2009 after one year of mosaic experience. She was invited to display another portrait Fabulous Hair during Mosaic Arts International 2010 at Smith Museum of Stained Glass, Chicago, Ill., and was honored again to have another portrait on exhibition at Mosaic Arts International 2011 in Austin, Texas.


The dominant influence on Carol’s work would be the simple joy of living. She is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, British Association of Mosaic Artists, Philadelphia Magic Gardens, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia Art Museum and a Juried member of The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.




 A few of the latest pieces being created here by  

SBSMA students  


Glass fusing and mosaics  


 Beginner Mosaics




Tami’s latest installation from All Cracked Up Mosaics



Below is a picture of my latest installation.  The lizard is approximately 8 sq. ft done in Mexican smalti, gold smalti and stained glass.   This lizard is now living on the shower wall of a wonderful couple’s home here in Santa Barbara.   The installation of the lizard went flawlessly due to general contractor Eric Knight.  If it were not for Eric and his incredible attention to detail I would not have been able to have had such an effortless time getting the lizard to it’s final spot.  Eric did an incredible job on both the bathroom and bedroom of this home remodel.  I was lucky enough to be part of another amazing project here in SB.  Thank you Eric! 




“Absolutely love it, Tami!  The colors are exactly what I was hoping for, kind of mysterious and other-worldly.  I’m imagining this animal as something wild and dangerous set against the order and mathematical certainty of the Mexican tile design that will encircle it.  You’re spinning magic.”

Client’s quote during the process…. 


 see more at www.allcrackedupmosaics.com 









LAB is a great way to work on all your mosaic projects. For $20/hour you have access to the SBSMA studio, all adhesives, grout, tools and my guidance as well as not worrying about making or cleaning up your mess.
Email for more details or to reserve a time.

Private Lessons

If you would like to learn mosaic art but do not have the time or weekend availability now for $45/hour you can book a minimum of two hours with Tami privately to have the full undivided attention with access to the studio tools, adhesives and grout. 


SBSMA Birthday Parties

Have your next child’s birthday party at SBSMA.  Any age, up to 12 kids.  Rates based on time and materials.  Call or email for more info. 

Gift Certificates 

Gift certificates are now available.  Any size amount towards classes, kits, tiles or other supplies.  What a great holiday or birthday gift.
Recent Publicity
Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art is once again being mentioned in such a great and gracious way.  Check out
805living.com online.  Go to page 46 & 47 and read a great article on Santa Barbara local mosaic artist Dan Chrynko and a nice mention about learning how to make mosaic art at SBSMA.


 LAB punch card  

SBSMA LAB punch card.  For every 10 hours of LAB time you get the 11th hour free.  Students are loving their punch cards and getting their free hours. 



SBSMA Supply Store

 SBSMA has all your mosaic art supply needs. More new colors added to the tile collection as well as stained glass, Italian Smalti and Vitreous glass. There are new tools stocked up as well as nippers, files, adhesives and grouts.  Just added are Leponitt brand mosaic wheel nippers for $28.95. 




Tami Macala
Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art
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